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Will 2023 be aturning point for tech problems and tech policy ?

Mardi 17 janvier 2023
17h30 - 19h00
Espace One (1er étage Université Paris Dauphine)

Will 2023 Be a Turning Point for Tech Problems and Tech Policy ? 

Nathaniel Persily

The new year promises to be decisive in determining the future of the Internet and the policies that will govern it.  The platforms that have monopolized the digital communication ecosystem are under great stress:  Facebook has shrunk in size and shifted its attention to the Metaverse, Twitter is undergoing convulsive changes under new leadership, Apple has established itself as the de facto regulator of the Internet, and TikTok has emerged as a dominant player, while still seemingly under the radar of regulators.  At the same time, implementation of the European Digital Services Act, executive action in the United States, and continued intense control within the Great Firewall in China will exist as models for other critical countries, such as India and Brazil, in determining the future of the Internet. All this is happening as new technologies focused on blockchain, the Metaverse, and varied implementations of artificial intelligence will shift the focus of corporations, consumers and regulators.

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