Organised by the Club of Regulators in cooperation with the OECD's Network of Economic Regulators

Lundi 4 novembre 2019
14h00 - 19h00
Room Raymond Aron (2nd floor), Université Paris-Dauphine
Gouvernance et régulation Dauphine 2019

In the current context of the development of data-driven service provision and innovation, stimulated by the access to huge quantities and diversity of data, regulators are also increasingly relying on data provided by operators, and sometimes users, to assess compliance or quality of service, as well to supervise competitors behaviors. Rich data are also key to provide forecasts, analyze scenarios and inform the political decision makers and the public too.

Access and use of data however raise challenges, both in terms of development of specific capabilities by the regulator, and in terms of relationship with the operators for which data are both costly and strategic.

In this conference, we intend to address the issue of data collection, processing and publication, relying on the experience of various regulators and operators. We will thus articulate two perspectives : 

  • Data Collection : What kind of data can regulators access to and what are the best practices between regulators and operators to access the needed data? How can regulators access to third party data (as those of digital platforms) ?
  • Data Processing and Publication : How can the regulators process the data and in which perspective ?  What could be the relevant guidelines to publish them (raw vs. processed data; timeliness of disclosure, aggregated vs. individual data; etc.)?

Co-organized with the OECD Network of Economic Regulators, this conference will propose an overview of specific experiments and current practices in contrasted national and sectorial contexts; it will aim, in particular, at identifying best practices but also documenting opportunities and risks for all various stakeholders: operators, incumbent firms, new entrants, innovators, users, and the society at large.


  • Jen ABLITT | UK Office of Rail and Roads, Deputy Director Safety Strategy and Policy, Head of the UK Delegation to the Channel Tunnel Safety Authority
  • Ana BARRETO ALBUQUERQUE | Executive Board Member, Portuguese Water & Waste Services Regulatory Authority (ERSAR)
  • Cristina CIFUENTES | Commissioner, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission  (ACCC)
  • Vanessa DA SILVA SANTOS | Regulation specialist, Management of international and market relations, Executive Superintendency, National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), Brazil
  • Annegret GROEBEL | Director of International Relations at the German Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway (Bundesnetzagentur)
  • Henri ISAAC | Member, French Digital Council (CNNum) & Associate Professor, Paris Dauphine – PSL University
  • Sandy LAPOINTE | Executive Vice President & Jim FOX | Vice President, Integrated Energy Information and Analysis, Canada Energy Regulator
  • Jean-Yves OLLIER | Member of the French Council of State & Coordinator of the Working Group on Regulatory Tools within the French general consultation for the Regulation of Digital Economy
  • Anna PIETIKAINEN | Senior Policy Advisor, Regulatory Policy Division, Public Governance (OECD)
  • Anne YVRANDE-BILLON | Vice-President, French Transport Regulatory Authority (ART)


oecd_logo_0.png  Organised in cooperation with the OECD's Network of Economic Regulators